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A tale of two wisterias

31st May 2024

Every year in May, the wisteria that winds itself around the front of Restormel Manor puts on a magnificent display.

Before the Manor was part of the holiday cottage collection, there was an old wisteria that grew up and around the slate hung entrance. Unfortunately, the wisteria was starting to cause some damage to the slate and a decision was made to remove it. In its place in 2009, two wisteria sinensis were planted at either end of the Manor – on the west wing, where Dairy House is located and on the east wing, where Trinity can be found. The wisteria at Dairy House has grown beautifully, blossoming well year after year. Sadly, the wisteria at Trinity has not done so well and this is partly because it is more exposed to the elements and the soil is poor. This is a great tale of two wisterias, both planted within ten minutes of each other, but both performing differently due to soil and location.

Every year in February, the wisteria is pruned by the gardeners and when the exterior of the Manor is due to be repainted, this becomes an even bigger event. There are wires and fixings, bought from a local yacht chandler, that are mounted onto the wall, so when it comes to painting the walls, the whole plant can be simply laid down onto the ground, using a series of ropes that are attached to the crenellations on the roof. 

Top tip from George Kestell, our Holiday Cottages Gardener – “the style of pruning is very similar to an apple tree, which I know doesn’t seem to make sense, but trust me, it is. You don’t want a huge amount of growth year on year, simply take the growth back to two to three buds, avoiding the round, fuller buds, as these will become flowers”.

A tale of two wisterias


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