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Rocky bluffs, scenic beaches and medieval remains – explore the unspoilt beauty of the Isles of Scilly.


Boat trips between the Isles are adventures in themselves, but each island has its own experiences to offer.

St Mary’s

St Mary’s is the main and most populous island of the archipelago, home to Hugh Town, Scilly’s largest settlement. Discover more about the history, culture and wildlife of the Isles of Scilly at the museum, or visit the restaurants and cafés serving fresh local produce. Porthcressa Beach provides a place to relax after exploring the town, with a play area for children nearby.

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Protected by a shelterbelt of pine and cypress trees, Abbey Garden has grown around the remains of St Nicholas Priory on the south west of Tresco Island. Built in 1835 by Augustus Smith, the subtropical gardens are home to over 20,000 species of plants from around the world, while the Valhalla Museum on-site displays historic figureheads collected from shipwrecks across the coast. To the north of the island, you can find the remains of King Charles’s Castle and Cromwell’s Castle from the English Civil War, looking out over the Isles.

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St Martin’s

With its tranquil beaches and bays, St Martin’s is the perfect place to spend a lazy day gazing out at the sailing yachts that skirt the coast. Inland, stroll through fields of scented narcissi at the Churchtown flower farm, or sample the wine of Scilly at St Martin’s Vineyard.

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Home to only 80 inhabitants and an abundance of rare flora and fauna, Bryher is an island of untamed beauty. A wander up Watch Hill offers panoramic views of the Isles to the east and the open Atlantic to the west. The beach at Rushy Bay is well suited to a family day out; alternatively, you can find a secluded spot along the stretch of sand that sweeps up the east coast.

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St Agnes

The southernmost island of the archipelago, St Agnes offers a glimpse of the Isles’ rich history. The heather moorland of Wingletang Down is dotted with Bronze Age cairns and standing stones, as well as the medieval Troytown maze. On Wednesday afternoons, St Agnes Boating offers a trip to the protected islets of Annet and the Western Rocks, where rare seabirds make their nests.

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