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Celebrate the season as winter fades and warmth returns, bringing life and colour to the countryside.


In the mornings, the air is crisp and sunlight sparkles on the dew. Snowdrops flower from the thawed earth, while hungry bees and butterflies emerge from hibernation.

The Cornish springtime begins in its great pleasure gardens. Seven champion magnolia campbellii trees stand in seven of the gardens, and spring is officially announced once each tree has 50 blooms. The coastal walks are quiet except for birdsong, and sometimes basking sharks can be seen feeding on plankton just off the shore. Spring is also the breeding season for peregrine falcons, which hunt from their nests on the coastal cliffs.

On the Isles of Scilly, the season starts with the Great Scilly Spring Clean as the island communities tidy the beaches ready for warm weather. Embark on a guided wildlife walk during Walk Scilly Week, or watch the rowboats race around the Isles at the World Pilot Gig Championships. With the low spring tide, the sea recedes and the bay between Tresco and Bryher becomes a sandy bridge patched with pools and puddles.

Take the opportunity to sample local spring produce, whether it’s a light lunch of fresh, seasonal seafood in Cornwall, or a Welsh pub roast on a brisk April evening. On woodland walks, look out for wild garlic. The leaves are delicious blended into a spring pesto.

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